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Feb. 2nd, 2008: I'm never going to catch up on my Zoids collection! I added some new Zoids to my list and put up entries for Arosaurer, Heldigunner, König Wolf, and Pteramander. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have more Zoids in the mail, so I'll have to add those too once they get there! So many Zoids...

Jan. 10th, 2008: Well, it's a new year and as of the 7th, Blue Sky has hit its 5th anniversary! I think Blue Sky is my longest lasting, updated website, starting way back on geocities.

Anyways, the oekaki I was using for Blue Sky started having two problems. 1. It was eating comments. 2. It was getting spam. So, after a bit of thought, Sammich and I decided to install a new oekaki board on, which will be shared with Blue Sky! So please feel free to stop by and draw! No more crummy free boards!

Nov. 2nd, 2007: Added four more entries to my Zoids collection, though I also got two new Zoids, so it still seems like I'm not getting anywhere! I've just got to keep trying though!

  • Added entries for Dark Spiner, Energy Liger, Lanstag and Rainbow Jerk.

    Oct. 12th, 2007: The site got moved to a new server, so things have been slow for a while, getting through moving everything for Blue Sky and some other pages. Then I was having FTP trouble. This update I managed to add more entries for my Zoids collection! I got two new Zoids though, so it still doesn't seem like I'm getting much of anywhere. x_x

  • Added entries for Gorhecks, Dimetro Ptera, Gravity Wolf and Shadow Fox.

    Sep. 25th, 2007: Ahh, it's been a while. My friend Sammich and I have been working on, which has been distracting me from this site. But I just got my Bold Guard Zoid today, so I took some pics to update my collection. :D

  • Added entries for Bold Guard, Dimetra Ptera, Molga and Savinga.

    Aug. 27th, 2007: I'm back from vacation! I added some Zoids to my Zoids collection page. This means I took photos. :B Fun stuff! 4 zoids down, 54 more to go. D:

  • Added entries for Cannon Tortoise, Diploguns, Fire Phoenix and Jet Falcon.

    Aug. 16th, 2007: Just a small update today. ^^; I'm gonna be going on vacation from the 17th through the 27th, so I don't know if I can update during that time. Sorry!

  • Added Creative Insanity as an affiliate! :D
  • Edited the Zoids Links page, mostly making it fancier and taking out dead links.
  • Added a new 200x40 banner to the Link Me page.

    Aug. 13th, 2007: Still working on this inbetween other projects. I've got a long ways to go, but I think it's going to be fun! I just can't quite forget this fandom, it's too amusing. :D

  • Added Affiliate button to the Zoids Evolution Forums where I also admin at.
  • Added the beginning for my Zoids Collection page. I must be crazy... all that coding. D:

    Aug. 4th, 2007: I'm gonna be reworking this site a lot, if and when I can. Lots of stuff will be down for reorganizing. I'll be getting up the bones and working from there, so you can somewhat see what will be going up or expanding.

  • New Oekaki page! Link to working Oekaki BBS + old OK Pteras archive!
  • Zoids Legacy Transcript page is up. Got lots of content to add. D:

    This is going to take a while...

    ~Jammer Lea